Re: Wilderun "Far from Where Dreams Unfurl"

Date:2019-10-31 21:24:10
In Reply To:Wilderun "Far from Where Dreams Unfurl" by dan
Just read about these guys on Angry Metal Guy - song has been on YT for a month, so it ain't exactly new - but it's the first I've heard of this band. They have a Falconer vibe with folk and symphonic elements, and clean vocals aping Weinerhall:

Wilderun - "Far from Where Dreams Unfurl"

They also have growlies that some are comparing to Åkerfeldt. Vocalist is a chameleon if the same dude is doing both.

Pretty cool stuff. I'm not as gaga over it as AMG, but its worth checking out if you dig Weinerhall Falconer and can take the growls in the other songs.
Heard this a while back. Very interesting. So many ideas.

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