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Well not the beer fest but a fest of great new music. October was really a knock out when it came to releases. And it will be the last month of the year with a high number of releases of note no doubt. November and December will see a real slow down of course. I listened to 44 full albums and 1 EP and 30 of them rated at 7/10 or better.

5/10 - Santa Cruz - Katharsis
Beyond average modern effort from Finnish glam boys. Trying to be too modern now and mostly failing bar a couple of decent songs.

5.5/10 - Weapon Uk - Ghosts of War
Poorly produced NWOBHM. Has a couple of decent songs but can't listen to this type of production - sorry.

6/10 - Exmortus Legions of the Undead EP
Neo-classical death thrash. Good sound and ok songs and some instrumental songs. Bad vocals.

6/10 - Hour of Penance - Misotheism
I so want to like this but this Italian brutal death band just doesn't do catchy or listenable. It sounds good but no memorability at all.

6/10 - Insomnium - Heart Like a Grave
So wanted to like this after the great single but the album gets bogged down in meandering slow melodeath and I'm not into that at all. Also the production is also far too murky and not my thing.

6/10 John Harv's Twisted Mind - Into the Asylum
Not bad melodic metal but poorly produced. Some good songs.

6/10 - Silent Call - Windows
Could have and should have been far better but seems half-hearted to me. Vocals also sound off. Apparently their final disk but not a fitting end for the band.

6/10 - Soren Andersen - Guilty Pleasures
Instrumental guitar guy. Pleasant but I won't listen to this again no doubt.

6.5/10 - Acid Reign - The Age of Entitlement
Pretty decent comeback from cult UK thrashers. Sounds good but I miss more exciting riffage and tunes in general. Nearly there..

6.5/10 - Ark Ascent - Downfall
Prog metal with decent melodies but vocals holding it back from being at the top level. Not bad though.

6.5/10 - Bodyfarm - Dreadlord
Clinical death metal. Tight but unspectacular at least for me anyway.

6.5/10 - Screamer - Highway of Heroes
New Wave metal sounding band. Vocals not the best. Music is ok.

6.5/10 - Secret Chapter - Chapter One
Melodic power metal. Only the one listen. Not amazing but ok.

6.5/10 - Seven Kingdoms - Empty Eyes (EP)
EP from American power metal band. Not bad not great.

6.5/10 - Temple of Dread - Blood Craving Mantras
Death metal, not bad not great.

7/10 - Aerodyne - Damnation
Decent album of old school metal. Vocals not the best but I enjoyed this album.

7/10 - Art Nation - Transition
New modern effort from Swedes. Slightly disappointing to be honest but it's good neverthless. Liberation the last album was far better though.

7/10 - Dissorted - The Final Divide
Aggressive thrash metal. Time to flex the muscles and start shadow boxing to Dissorted!

7/10 - Forever - st
Retro rock with 70s rock n roll flavour. Poor sound but that's probably on purpose. Quite fun.

7/10 - Kaine - Reforge the Steel
UK retrad band with decent Maiden/Priest worship. Production poor.

7/10 - Knight Area - D-Day
Heavy prog rock concept about D-Day dohhh. Pretty decent.

7/10 - Ray Alder - What The Water Wants
Pretty decent but far too downbeat and miserable. But when it's good and crunchy I'm well on board. Cheep up Ray!

7.5/10 - Age of Reflection - A New Dawn
Nicely played melodic rock/AOR. Singer could be better but I'll get over it.

7.5/10 - Alter Bridge - Walk the Sky
I expected so much more. It's growing on me a bit but too much of this just doesn't excite me that much. It's very heavy though. Have I got the time or
energy to keep trying though. I suppose I better since I'm seeing them live again in December. They've always been absolutely killer live so that's something to look forward. Maybe the songs will come into their own when played live who knows. I'm gonna have to knuckle down with this solid but unspectacular album in the mean time.

7.5/10 - Danger Zone - Don't Count on Heroes
Italian AOR/Melodic merchants. Bit heavier than previous cd and far better too. Singer still has his odd annoying moments but I'm a forgiving man.
Good standard overall and nice edge to the music.

7.5/10 - Freakings - Rise of Violence
Solid as hell thrash "freaking" metal! (bad vocals but who cares)

7.5/10 - Galneryus - Into The Purgatory
Blistering Jap power merchants return with a slightly proggy entry. Guitarwork is fluid and astoundingly crisp. Vocals are good. I need more time with this well who am I kidding who has more time!!! Anyway it's Galneryus doing what they do best in Japan. Maybe move to an 8/10 in time. (There's that stupid word again!)

7.5/10 - Hideaway - Hideaway
Greek AOR merchants. Very good vocals lifts this above the ordinary. Songs are good. If like AOR then this will surely fill a void.

7.5/10 - JD Miller - Afterglow
Last album was only ok but this is far superior. Enjoyed this on all sorts of levels. Good stuff.

7.5/10 - Stargazer - The Sky Is the Limit
Classic heavy rock metal but with modern production. Solid on all levels.

7.5/10 - The Ferrymen - A New Evil
It's solid but for me just lacks a touch of spark considering who's involved. This should be rating close to 9/10 if everything was as I expect or need but a 7.5 is fair at the moment.

7.5/10 - Vanden Plas - The Ghost Xperiment - Awakening
Very solid prog metal. However how many repeated plays I can get out of this is the big question. Still I know that if I do play the odd song I'll enjoy it.

7.5/10 - Wayward Sons - The Truth Ain't What It Used To Be
Honest rock n roll. No more no less. Decent but maybe not as good as the debut. Still some very decent typically English heavy rock songs with a polished swagger and tongue firmly in cheek.

7.5/10 - Wind Rose - Wintersaga
I love a good rollicking cheesefest and Wind Rose gives me what I want with drunken sing-a-longs galore.

8/10 - Dawn Of Destiny - The Beast Inside
Miles better than I was thinking. Very heavy guitar tone. Chick singer is ok but not amazing but good enough. The songs are really solid and good. Great effort by these also rans.

8/10 - Edenbridge - Dynamind
One of my fave old time chick fronted bands returns with another great effort. Sabine's voice is just a pleasure to listen to. Music builds so well around her. Very enjoyable release of symphonic melodic metal.

8/10 - Entrails - Rise of the Reaper
HAHA I love a bit of sickness meee! And this is defo sick... rumbling riffs, roaring monster voice, grooves, dirt and grit! Grrrrrr!

8/10 Metalite - Biomechanicals
The keyboard sound is super cheesy but the song writing is just super catchy and that supermodel gal has such a sweet voice. An album of pure ear

8/10 - Moron Police - A Boat On the Sea
Where the hell have these guys come from?? This is really different and enjoyable. Let's call it prog rock but it's way more than that. It has so many facets to it. Most importantly of all it has wonderful vocal melodies you can hang your coats, hats and umbrellas on to! Lush and super melodic
music this beaut is...wow.

8/10 - Saint Asonia - Flawed Design
Sad to say this is slightly better than the Alter Bridge album. Well not sad 'cause I'm happy it's good but more incredulous that an unknown band can out muscle a giant lke AB with similar sounding modern rock music with stadium sized riffs and vocal melodies. The only slight draw back is the songs lack a little energy but the vocal melodies are just superb even though the singer is just good not great.

8/10 - Singularity - Place Of Chains
Hammering and bewildering tech death. Foot on the gas..let's go!

9/10 - Noveria - Aequilibrium
Big big return for Italian power prog merchants. Sounds like another DGM basically. Very good stuff indeed, massive music chops and big vocals. Hard to find too much fault but anyway some marks off for being Italian...!!! (Sorry my pasta eating, penalty box diving brothers... :-))

9/10 - The Darkness - Easter Is Cancelled
Suffolk's finest rockers return with a spectacularly ironic and funny rock n roll effort. Justin and co really make smile and go through different emotions on this album. I've played this almost as much as the album below. Fave songs Live Til I Die, Heavy Metal Lover, Choke on It and Laylow or any of them really..I shall see The Darkness live for the first time in December. It's gonna be fun!

9.25/10 Vision Divine - When All the Heroes Are Dead
Fantastic comeback effort from our eyetie friends. Brilliant stuff if you ask me. Can't stop playing the last few days. I take off marks only because the singer is not totally amazing. Almost flawless apart from that.

9.75/10 - Eclipse - Paradigm
Fanboy review alert...Yes brother Erik you lovely Swede you.. you did it again mate! God knows how you do it time after time considering you're involved in about a million projects but you keep delivering the goods. Rock ear candy after rocking bloody ear candy.... This may be a slight change in gear as far as Eclipse goes but goddamn it every song has a
little, soft centered, sugar ball in it somewhere. Not saying it's the best Eclipse album but the melodies are totally gripping and I have new faves every day, week, or minute even. If I had to pick 3 songs that showcase the album best I'd pick Blood Wants Blood, Delirious and The Masquerade. All three are stupidly amazing. Looking forward to the next Martensson project now whatever that may be...but until then Eclipse will be ruling my listening time for a good while yet.

October was friggin' great...but November is not looking too bad already. Numbers maybe down but quality should be decent. I always use the last 2 months of the year to also try and locate stuff I may have missed from earlier in the year or give a few second chances to stuff that didn't quite make it.

November's list:
Voyager - Colours In The Sun
Edge Of Paradise - Universe
Work Of Art - Exhibits
Pretty Maids - Undress Your Madness
The Dark Element - Songs The Night Sings
Cyhra - No Halos In Hell
Degreed - Lost Generation
StormWarrior - Norsemen
Magic Kingdom - MetAlmighty
Wotan - The Song of the Nibelungs
Great Master - Skull and Bones - Tales from Over the Seas
Signum Regis - The Seal of a New World
Thunder and Lightning - Demonicorn
Tygers of Pan Tang - Ritual

Plus the usual few unheralded releases.

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