Re: new AOR stuff ...

Date:2019-10-23 16:50:29
In Reply To:new AOR stuff ... by Uziel
Hideaway "Hideaway"

Danger Zone "Don't Count On Heroes"

I am not a big fan of contemporary AOR as they very seldom get the "spirit" of classic AOR from the 80's ... but these two albums try damn hard and they are good listens. Of course, you need a very good vocalist for this type of music to be truly effective, and both of these bands have that in bucket loads. Also, the Restless Spirit and Roulette albums from earlier in the year were pretty good efforts too.
Both are very good. Hideaway singer wipes the floor with the rather accented Italian dude so the Greeks sneak this one with a late penalty! Both solid though...but Iā€™m only waiting for Work of Fart...need to to get a whiff of that shit! šŸ˜šŸ‘

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