Date:2019-10-17 17:25:49
In Reply To:Re: Stormwarrior by Pirage
Pirage proclaimed:
Let the RW worship continue...
Doesn't sound at all like Running Wild. Now, that other band Crystal Eyes, that WAS a Running Wild rip-off. Nowhere as good as old Running Wild, though. But the worst things about this style now is that there was not a gram of genuine textual content gained in all the years of the genre's supposed evolution. It remained in suspended animation thematically, as typewriter drums and generic axe runs glued in Pro-Tools sterilized all that remained wild and unbridled about this potentially true music. All that remains is posing and fistpumping, and the fantasy lyrics that were initially designed as allegoric tool are now fully out-of-touch with actuality.

Those, that's fucking lame. He just lists the gods, hahaha. So weak. So weak.
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