Re: Tolkki

Date:2019-10-08 21:51:45
In Reply To:Re: Eclipse - Paradigm - Review by Pirage
Pirage proclaimed:
Timo Tolkki is swinging high and loud against Frontiers and Eclipse now. He claims that The Masquerade is a total rip off of the song Revolution Renaissance.

I love The Masquerade and think it's the best song of this fantastic album. And yes there are huge similarities of the songs but how often doesn't that happen nowadays?
That slow marching tempo is used very often in metal/rock. The songs sound very similar but I'm pretty sure it's accidental. Tolkki probably heard the song and thought hey that sounds close to my song and is getting all up in arms. What about Roger Taylor's drum beat at the beginning? Roger sending a lawsuit too?
Not for nothing, Tolkki was notorious for lifting licks, from beginning on. First album "Future Shock" lyrics are Sabbath's "Children of the Grave," while "Darkness" was actually straight-up Savatage's "Beyond the Doors of the Dark" pretty much unchanged. "Magic Carpet Ride" was Rainbow's "Gates of Babylon". "Hold on to Your Dreams" structure and riffs were nicked off almost entirely "Out in the Fields" by Gary Moore, "We Are the Future" steals from several Helloween songs at once, "Eagles Fly Free" being one of them. That's just a few examples, but they are Glaaaring ones. No co-incidence, he just ran with it, and didn't care
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