Re: I've finally played something else..

Date:2019-10-07 18:53:24
In Reply To:Eclipse - Paradigm - Review by Pirage
I was really overdosing on Paradigm but I actually didn't play it on the morning commute today and nor on the evening trip back. I need to ration my Eclipse usage lol!

I've actually been playing 2 albums since yesterday. The first one is Moron Police. It's really a wonderfully pleasant listen. Gorgeous melodies. A bit different than my normal listening with it being a bit prog but these guys are just lush. I can't say ecatly why I like it but it's also wonderfully joyful.

And the second is of course the new album from The Darkness, Easter is Cancelled. Nos said it didn't rock but you're way way wrong dude. This thing has some great rocking moments even almost tongue in cheek metal moments. There are some absolutely gorgeous songs with genius lyrical ability with a huge dose of English styled sarcasm. It's hard to pick a fave song but I'll go for Live Til I die or Heart Explodes or the absolutely gloriously OTT Heavy Metal Lover and then there's the bonus tracks which are more acoustic based but so gloriously funny and sweet. Especially the track Laylow. When I'm tired of Eclipse or fancy a change I'll sling this on. I just love this. Sorry Nos, you're plain wrong about this. Wonderfully ironic and melodic and thought provoking too. Justin is such a sarcastic bastard!

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