Re: Eclipse - Paradigm - Review

Date:2019-10-04 21:18:55
In Reply To:Eclipse - Paradigm - Review by Pirage
.38 or .44 - 10/10 I should add that this is basically his Urban Breed impression.
Yup, that's where I was hearing it too. I wouldn't have been surprised to read it was Urban, it sounded so much like him.
Not going with the full 10/10 but an easy 9.5/10
I haven't scored albums in a long time, so I'm not sure what I would give it. Maybe I should start thinking along those lines again.
it's probably a heavy challenger to Majestica as my top album.
It'll have a shot at album of the month for me, depending on how everything else grows/wanes. I can't go as far as calling it an AOTY contender yet.
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