Eclipse - Paradigm - Review

Date:2019-10-04 19:24:29
So here it is I've been having a big Eclipse party the last couple of days.

So here's my song by song review

Viva La Victoria - 9.5/10
An amazing start. A huge chorus. There's so much I love about this song. Not a wasted second. Not a ball busting heavy track like Eclipse normally starts with but the song is purely adorable with a chorus made to be shouted from the rooftops.

Mary Leigh - 10/10
I like this even more than Viva La Victoria. The chorus is just hair raisingly awesome. So sweet, so singable and spine tingling. the feel of the song is just energizsng.

Blood Wants Blood - 9.5/10
Things finally get a touch more dramatic and heavier and not so straight forward. The song has the usual classic Eclipse build. The chorus is seriously something special. Quite emotional and quite a dark tune. The whole album is darker in theme at times.The solo section is amazing in this track.

Shelter Me - 8.5/10
The sad emotion continues with this ballad. Eclipse has always done great ballads and this is pretty great but just not a song I gravitate towards. However it brings down the feel and emotion. The chorus is simple but Erik just sings it wonderfully. There's a slight Celtic flavour in the guitar parts which are very pleasant indeed.

United - 9/10
This song has grown on me a lot. It's a type of song that I think Erik writes in his sleep. It's a bit cliched but the chorus melody just sticks in your head after several plays. We are 5 tracks in and Erik hasn't yet delivered a full throttle Eclipse track. Can I say I'm disappointed ...well sorta was expecting a heavy hitter but I'm still very happy coz the songs have such amazing melodies.

Delirious - 10/10
Woaahhh! Classic Eclipse for fans of Bleed and Scream style heaviness with melody. This is just epic goose pimple style panache with swooning melodies. The start sounds like Maiden but then when that beefy riff kicks in we go into classic Eclipse mode. The guitars have some juicy licks and the pace is at the tempo that I just adore. Erik sings a bit more aggressively then that lush harmony laden chorus comes in and you don't know which part to sing. Bloody amazing. Breathless. A screaming lead too... woaahhh tasty. This song brings the magic on heavy!

when The Winter Ends 9.5/10
Moody Erik is back. Obviously the long Swedish winter doesn't suit our boy that well. The song builds like a ballad but it has a mid tempo that leads to a rousing chorus that removes it from ballad territory. The words are emotional but the melody is actually very happy. The woaahhs in the background are just superb. The chorus is repeated often and long with some superb vocals from Erik. A beautiful song no doubt with fantastic arrangements later on in the song to creating a rousing melodic finale.

.38 or .44 - 10/10
Holy crap! What a song this is. More in the vein of classic Eclipse. Rolling drums to start and then a sweet mid tempo riff and again a pleading vocal from Erik. An emotional Anti gun song. The song is just beautiful. I should add that this is basically his Urban Breed impression. The melody in the song sounds like it came straight from one of Urban's latest albums. The song is just bloody fantastic with gorgeous melodies. The guitar work in this song is just beautiful as well.

Never Gonna Be Like You - 8.5/10
This one is a bit different and again quite a dark tune. It has trademark Eclipse quite sections and then a huge chorus but not the absolute best on the album. However it is a worthy song but there's a lot of competition and there's got to be a slight lull somewhere and I guess this is it. It's still a very good melodic song just not as amazing as some of the others.

The Masquerade - 11/10!
This album's Black Rain. Black Rain was the epic final track from the last CD. Only this song is much better. God this one is a mid tempo thumper and you get the theme and chorus straightaway to give you the hint of the magic to come. The tempo and drum beat is the same as Queen's We Will Rock You and then add meaty riffs and a rousing chorus. The chorus sounds very much like one of Sabaton's I forget which right now but the tempo and melody has Sabaton written all over it. Erik has been listening to his Sabaton records well! The vocal melodies in the songs from Erik are absolutely magical. The guitar lines and solos later on are just jaw dropping. What a song. One of Erik's best ever!

Take Me Home - 9/10
A mid tempo cliched song about missing home and wanting to return to your clan. Millions of rock and metal bands have done this type of song so Eclipse might as well have one. The song is actually pretty heavy with a thumping riff to it. The melody is one that sounds very familiar and one that Erik uses a lot. It's got a slight Celtic feel to it. The song is actually pretty great. Maybe a final rocker to end would've been better but the song is actually beautiful and would be a good song to play at the end of the gig to say goodbye. Beautiful tune.

When the Winter Ends (acoustic)
The song works perfectly well as an acoustic tune. Nice tempo and great feel. I know Eclipse has always done acoustic covers for Japan and I've got all their previous covers and they all sounds great too.

So there we have Paradigm complete. This boy Erik is really something isn't he. The songs he writes man..just beautiful. This album is actually a little different as Nos said. It's a little emotionally darker but the joy is still there. The lyrics and themes are a little more thoughtful. Maybe he's growing up lol...

Not going with the full 10/10 but an easy 9.5/10 and you never know it's probably a heavy challenger to Majestica as my top album. I need to play that again to see how it stands up still at the moment I play Eclipse twice a day and I'm still finding new little things that hit the sweet spot. Sadly Erik and co haven't booked a UK date for this Euro run which is odd but hopefully in 2020 we'll see them here again. Maybe I'll be sick of Paradigm by that time...but I doubt it!

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