Re: I got to hear the album this morning...

Date:2019-10-04 15:45:31
In Reply To:Re: I got to hear the album this morning... by Pirage
Some bands are worth investing the time in.
Absolutely, and I think it comes down to diversity. An album can get away with being longer if it has more facets to itself.

Most Avantasia albums are long, but there are usually a number of sounds and approaches, and not too much that sounds like everything else. Albums like that justify their length.

With this one.... I'm not saying everything sounds the same, but it's all painting with the same color palate. The amount the diversity moves away from the 'standard' sound isn't all that much, so after ten songs or so, I've heard enough.

That, and like all of their records (and a ton of modern rock in general), the actual sonic tones are all so dark that it gets tiring. There's no brightness to the production at all. It saps a lot of the energy out of things.
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