Re: Nos' Record Roundup: September

Date:2019-09-25 19:18:27
In Reply To:Re: Nos' Record Roundup: September by Pirage
The singer especially is just average to me and you're the one who is very petty and picky over singers and yet this guys is the epitome of average to me
You're not wrong. He's not great in terms of what he can do. It's more a tone thing. I like the sound of his voice for this particular music. Sort of like how I enjoy Gary Barden these days, even though his voice is a wreck.

Conversely, no matter how often I'm told people like Tarja are great singers (which I don't deny), there are certain vocal tones that are nails-on-a-chalkboard. Actually, worse than that. I don't mind that sound nearly as much.
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