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Date:2019-09-25 18:58:10
In Reply To:Nos' Record Roundup: September by Nosferatwo
Now that summer is over, things are starting to pick up. There were more album to be interested, or at least curious, about this month. It wasn't as good as I was hoping for, overall, but there was enough to still be satisfied.
September has been very diverse for me. Lots of albums of a high quality in the various styles that I enjoy.

Album Of The Month: Year Of The Goat - Novis Orbis Terrarum Ordinis

I've had enough listens now that I'll say this; it's not as good as "The Unspeakable". However, it's still really good, and made me plenty happy. They're one of the few bands that does old-style rock that writes catchy songs, and I love how big and lush their harmonies sound.
Even though I didn't like the singles I gave this a full listen. It wasn't bad but I don't get this love that you have for this band. The singer especially is just average to me and you're the one who is very petty and picky over singers and yet this guys is the epitome of average to me. Some of the songs are fine though. Around the 6-6.5/10 area which is probably more than I was expecting to give after the singles I heard.

The Good:

Black Star Riders - Another State Of Grace

I was bracing for another recycling, but this was actually a different record for them, and a pretty darn good one too. The new blood makes a difference, and it's got a few new tricks, which were desperately needed. A big surprise here, for sure.
Agreed. Very cool listen. Not earth shattering but very enjoyable. Production is a little raw for my tastes but I love Ricky's lilting vocals.

Sascha Paeth's Masters Of Ceremony - State Of Wings

I didn't know what the expect, but this was better than the singles led me to believe. The harsh vocals aren't needed, but most of the songs are strong, hooky, and a bit like Avantasia outtakes. Listening to this, I think Sascha might have a bit more impact on them than we thought.
Yes it's very solid and much better than I was expecting. I need to hear more. the screaming is superfluous. She's probbaly doing is coz she can.

Kobra & The Lotus - Evolution

A mixed bag, but with enough good stuff to tilt the balance. I went back to the "Prevail" stuff, and turns out it wasn't as good as I remembered, so this might actually be better. Or, there's something about Kobra that is only interesting in the moment.
Only the one run through. Has many enjoyable moments. But it maybe a step too far into the mainstream I'm not sure. Kobra's voice is more amazing than ever and the production is superb. It's just the song style is too hip and slightly trendy. I'm not gonna quibble too much it still sounds good but I need more plays.

Dragonforce - Extreme Power Metal
Well, this turned out better than I was expecting. I'd say it's the best album of this era of the band. A few less histrionics, some more consistent songwriting, and an awesomely cheesy cover of "My Heart Will Go On". Nice job, guys.
Haven't fully heard. I heard a rough bootleg on the net but it sounded bad so I binned it. I am really surprised that you are praising Dragonforce. I have a feeling that this maybe DF on auto pilot but I'll see, I'm sure to go at least 7/10 and maybe 7.5/10 if I really like it.

Liv Sin

I don't even remember the first Liv Sin record, so that shows what kind of impact it made on me. This one is definitely better. It hits the same kind of attitude I hear in Powerwolf. There's still room for growth, but a nice step forward.
Holy crap you're not wrong! Some 'wolfisms for sure from Liv and co. I'm loving this. Not every song but plenty of 'em. Chapter of the Witch is my fave probably.

Michael Schenker Fest - Revelation

I still don't like the whole four singer gimmick, but they've done a better job this time around. The thing with Schenker is that all his albums are pretty much the same, so there isn't anything to get excited about, but this is his best stuff in a while.
Not fussed about it but it's fine. Opening songs sucks horribly though but after that it's quite good. Especially like the Bonnet tunes.

Grande Royale - Take It Easy

Now this is more like it, as it pertains to classic rock. So few of the bands know how to write a decent song. I'm not going to say this is any great shakes, but it's solid stuff that has a lot more hook to it than, say, what's going to be down there in this month's bad section. It's a nice little record.
No idea. Post a tune that you think is great if it's on youtube.

The Bad:

Cold - The Things We Can't Stop

What a depressing album, and it's barely rock either. It's mostly drums and whining, and I just wanted to turn it off and pretend they're still broken up. It was better that way.
Not gonna try.

Kadavar - For The Dead Travel Fast

Boring songs, a lousy singer, and hazy production. I spent most of the time thinking something was wrong with my ears, but no, it's a poor sounding record that doesn't have much in the way of songwriting to make me want to forgive them. They've never been good, but I don't remember them annoying me this much before.
heard a bit of this but this 70s fuzz ain't my cuppa.

The Confusing:

Sinner - Santa Muerte

I really don't understand what Mat was going for. He brings in a new singer for the band, and can't figure out how to use her in a way that makes sense. They should be sharing vocals on every track, but instead she gets several to herself, and a few that she's barely on, if at all. Plus, he brings in two guests to take away even more of the spotlight from her. It's bizarre, and kills whatever good the album had (not that I'm a fan of Mat's writing most of the time anyway).
I on the other hand really like this. Well I like most of it, when it rocks balls out. The blues songs I skip altogether. No interest in them. The rest rocks. She sings good too. She should have sung the whole thing.

Opeth - In Cauda Venenum

Oh Mikael, why are you a shitty songwriter? This is the most cohesive album of their prog period, and has some great music on it. Mikael just sucks as a songwriter, bouncing from idea to idea with no transition whatsoever. That isn't 'prog', it's lazy. And it still amazes me that once he started focusing on being a better singer, his melody lines have gotten so much less interesting. Oh well, Soen is clearly the better Opeth these days.
I don't do meander and length for length's sake in my music. I've yet to listen to this but I doubt I can go higher than 6-6.5/10.

October is going to be a huge month. We've got Alter Bridge, The Ferrymen, Eclipse, Ray Alder, Life Of Agony, Lacuna Coil, Jimmy Eat World, Michael Monroe and Dream State all coming up. I've heard a few of them already, and there's already more good stuff than the entire summer put together. And that's without hearing the one I'm most excited for.
Yeah October will be good coz I'll be listening to Eclipse for most of it!!!

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