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Date:2019-09-19 17:23:36
In Reply To:Re: well.. by Pirage
...piece of shit he probably was but he's allowed to change
Yes and no. There's a difference between making a mistake and revealing your character. That wasn't some momentary lapse in judgment where he did something he would have known better than to do in another frame of mind. Hiring a hitman requires some degree of planning, and a whole lot of thought. That something you have to be damn sure of. You don't do it on a whim.

That episode tells me he's the kind of person who views murder as a solution to his problems. That's at the core of who you are, and I don't actually believe people can change at that level. He can press it down, and he can do and say the right things, but he's always going to be a person capable of that kind of ugliness.

His band might forgive him (maybe because Wovenwar wasn't making money?), but I don't have to.
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