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Date:2019-09-19 14:52:27
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- After three albums form Erik last year, it was nice to have a bit of a break before this one comes out.

- This is a less buoyant, ebullient version of the band. It's not 'dark' by any means, but it is a bit less joyous.
I am also getting this vibe from other places I frequent. Although both singles United and Viva La Victoria are pretty damn joyous so I'm not sure I fully believe it. Waiting for Mary Leigh tomorrow although I'm sort of thinking about avoiding it but I doubt I can do it. It'll all get too much for me and I'll have to hear it!

- By that, it does borrow a touch more form Nordic Union this time. I like that a lot.
The vibe that I'm getting from the singles is that Erik has taken his foot off the gas. He's gone for mid paced and soaring rather than ball busting. This could be a slight problem for me as I need the foot on the gas pretty much from the get go and maybe Erik is tired of that.

- There's one track in particular where Erik sounds like Urban Breed, which was a bit weird to hear.
That IS werd lol, but Urban is great so it's all good.

- With perhaps one exception, the hooks are huge and really good.

- It sounds a bit less formulaic this time, and has a case for being the best Eclipse album (for me), though I still prefer both NU records.
Definitely for you lol. It won't be the best Eclipse. Armageddonize or Bleed and Scream defo has that crown. But I'm ready to be blown away. the two singles are great melodic anthems though United slightly underwhelmed me but has grown on me a tremendous amount. VLV blew me away straight off the bat with it's glory.

- The song they're releasing tomorrow, "Mary Leigh", is the most formulaic moment (it fits the same mold as "Hypocrisy, down to using a woman's name in the hook), but it's still great.
Yep that means it'll be great! BTW that sounds a song straight from a Volbeat album right?? lol

- AOTM? Not sure about that yet, but it shouldn't disappoint.
22 days to kill playing other crap waiting for that boy Erik to better do it Erik! :-)

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