Date:2019-09-19 14:21:24
In Reply To:New for me today; the Ecplise album! Thoughts to come... (nt) by Nosferatwo
- After three albums form Erik last year, it was nice to have a bit of a break before this one comes out.

- This is a less buoyant, ebullient version of the band. It's not 'dark' by any means, but it is a bit less joyous.

- By that, it does borrow a touch more form Nordic Union this time. I like that a lot.

- There's one track in particular where Erik sounds like Urban Breed, which was a bit weird to hear.

- With perhaps one exception, the hooks are huge and really good.

- It sounds a bit less formulaic this time, and has a case for being the best Eclipse album (for me), though I still prefer both NU records.

- The song they're releasing tomorrow, "Mary Leigh", is the most formulaic moment (it fits the same mold as "Hypocrisy, down to using a woman's name in the hook), but it's still great.

- AOTM? Not sure about that yet, but it shouldn't disappoint.
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