Some September Album Thoughts:

Date:2019-09-04 17:12:54
Black Star Riders: I'll give them this, there's less repetitive copying going on this time. It is a different sounding record, at least for them. Not having Damon around makes an impact, and I'd say just for that it's the best record since the first one.

Sinner: I don't get this whatsoever. Mat brings on a female singer, but the way they divide up the vocals makes no sense. They don't do a duet type thing often enough. The tracks where it's one or the other doesn't suit having two singers (especially one who doesn't play another instrument), nor does having to guest singers either. How is she supposed to get any attention when Ronnie and Ricky are there? Other than that, it's more generic Sinner I don't really have much of an opinion on.

Year Of The Goat: I'd been looking forward to this a lot, and it didn't disappoint. It's not as heavy a record, nor as immediate either. This one gives me more hints of 60s pop and psych than the doom and hard rock on the last one. It's still well-written, and they've got a knack for melodies. I don't think it's quite as good, but it's still going to be a strong AOTM contender.

Kobra & The Lotus: This is a weird one too. The "Prevail" double album was two discs that were pretty much uniform. This record has more sides to them on display, which is what the double album should have done. There's a couple things I don't like ("Get The F_ck Out Of Here" first and foremost), but there's also some really good stuff too. A bit of a mixed bag, but still better than I was fearing. More time spent on it would have helped, though.

Michael Schenker Fest: Yeah, so I don't dislike this. It's still not great, but I like it more than the first Fest album. I still think three of the four of them have diminished voices, and two of them don't know how to work with that fact, but the record is pretty good. At least for me, his best since "In The Midst Of Beauty".
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