Re: August Round Up

Date:2019-08-30 19:20:39
In Reply To:Re: August Round Up by Nosferatwo
6.5/10 Skillet - Victorious - modern pop metal
Surprised you listened to this one. I like poppy stuff, but even I gave up on them after their last one.
Well it sounds good but it didn't fully hook me in. I gave anything a chance and I've liked a few songs from the band in the past.

7/10 The New Roses - Nothing But Wild - Seems to be very popular
They are?
They are indeed. A few places I hang out the reviews and vibe for the album is very positive.
Black Star Riders - Another state of grace
I'm not looking forward to it. Like Volbeat there, BSR have been writing the same three songs for four albums now. So many of Ricky's melodies are interchangeable that I can't be excited to hear the same thing again.
Well you say that but I've never really fully liked any of their records just random tunes. I'm hoping for a more rounded melodic record this time that I can like all the way.
Liv Sin - Burning sermons
Sascha Paeth's Masters Of Ceremony - Signs of wings
Sinner - Santa muerte
Michael Schenker Fest - Revelation
The 69 Eyes - West End
I've heard all of these. Two are good, one is better than I thought it would be, and one makes no goddamn sense to me at all. Have fun guessing.
Sascha's album probably makes no sense with the mixed vocal approach. LIv Sin and Schenker are probably what you call good. Sinner probably better than you thought? 69 Eyes maybe also better than you thought?

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