Re: South Haven - Sweet Suffering

Date:2019-08-30 18:56:29
In Reply To:South Haven - Sweet Suffering by Nosferatwo

Both of their songs have been good, but I hate only having two songs. This is a week late, since I completely forgot they were supposed to have a new one out. This practice of releasing singles for new bands drives me nuts. I guarantee I'll forget about them again by the time their next thing comes out, since I can only play two songs so much before I'm ready for something else.
You get exasperated too much over this thing dude. It's only music. I'm sure when they release an ep or album eventually you'll remember them again. Releasing single after single is the way forward with these modern bands. Now on to the song..yes it's pretty good. I liked the first one better I think but the band is interesting melody wise.

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