Re: Jinjer - Judgment (&Punishinment)

Date:2019-08-24 20:41:48
In Reply To:Jinjer - Judgment (&Punishinment) by Nosferatwo

They've been getting a lot of hype, and I'm not sure why. They haven't impressed me yet.
Well they're quirky innit dude. Look at the start of the song. A djent riff, then an almost reggae beat, then a monster djent riff with a howling she witch vocal, then an almost jazzy melodic chorus and then later go into an almost death blast and then a groove. All fucking mixed up! It's creditable in today's scene to be eclectic and make diverse music. You get props for it. Obviously this music is different than what we like where we need more regular "easy" music to digest with simple melodies. Maybe I speak myself only hahaha...

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