Re: Kobra & The Lotus - Get The F*ck Out Of Here

Date:2019-08-24 20:36:17
In Reply To:Kobra & The Lotus - Get The F*ck Out Of Here by Nosferatwo

The "Prevail" albums were good, but the two songs so far for this one aren't. Too much too soon?
Possibly too quick a turn around. Looks like they are going for a different style altogether. Trying to get more fans from the young modern scene. Kobra's probably a bit tired of playing to the same 300 in clubs and that classic style metal won't get you anywhere near the 1000+ venues unless you have like a big momentum from a 15-20 year history. Having said that I actually don't mind this tune but it's very simple sounding and not really a fan of ladies cursing. I ain't no prude but like couldn't you get your point across in another way? Leave the "fucks" to Soulfly/Slipknot lol!

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