Re: Sascha Paeth's album:

Date:2019-08-24 03:23:57
In Reply To:Sascha Paeth's album: by Nosferatwo
I just finished listening to it, and it's not quite what I was expecting.

They put out those couple songs with harsh vocals in them, and they're the only ones on the record like that. Otherwise, it's a mix of various kinds of power metal. Fairly diverse, which explains the choice of singer. She's able to do a bunch of things. By doing that, she's way better in some places than others.

Songs are really good. This album delivers plenty of hooks and big choruses. I don't know if Sascha wrote them all, but they work.

But the production is also indistinguishable from all his other work. He's only got one trick as a producer, it seems, and that's to make everyone sound like him. That's a shame.

It can't be AOTM in September, though. Year Of The Goat is already better! Woo, I'm being positive!
Just heard the songs with the harsh vox so far and it's killing the album for me...
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