Re: better late than never

Date:2019-08-20 02:15:49
In Reply To:Have just listened to DT - When Dream And Day Unite and... by Sander
Sander proclaimed:
I loved it to death!

Shit, I was expecting to hate it, LOL.

Never realized it was in the vein of Watchtower/Sieges Even (love it)...mixed with the atmosphere of 80's A.O.R., Melodic Metal like vibes. The production is raw and organic and overall sounds like an 80's metal album.

I do love some DT albums btw, specially Black Clouds, Systematic Chaos, Metropolis and the new one, Distance Over Time.

Sorry, not PM related LOL
My favorite record of theirs by faaaar. That's what got me into them. I was into Fates Warning, and this was recommended to me as a Progressive Metal band in that vein. Of course, not too many people heard it then, what with Mechanic not really knowing what to do with them and all. The album after that, obviously, was what got them big, with Atco behind them and "Pull Me Under" getting radio and video airplay, but I always liked first one the best. I liked Charlie Dominici more, too.
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