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Date:2019-08-18 09:48:17
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I'm freezing cold and soaking wet after this years RAINY Sabaton Open Air but I'm back at the hotelroom and before I go to sleep it's time to sum up this year.
Probably one of the main reasons I don't go to festivals is the dreaded weather. Just a little too old for wet stinking cold rain these days..

The bands I saw were:

The had the tough task of opening the festival but they did fantastic and actually drew a pretty big crowd. They are a band that in a fair world would be much bigger and well known than they are because they are really great.
Seen them once they were really great. Hope to see again some day soon. I haven't heard the new songs from the latest album live yet.

War of Thrones

I was surprised to see a really big crowd in fron of the stage when it was time for Serenity. Didn't think that too many people would be familiar with them. The best songs of their set was the ones from Lionheart. As most of the bands I saw this year they were really good.
I'm actually sitting here wearing a Serenity shirt. Going to see them in 2020 for definite. They announced a date with Rage early next year.

This was actually the livedebut for this new fantastic band. The band may be new but the members are no newcomers and they drew a huge crowd even though it was really late and really cold. Might have something to do with the local boys on vocals and drums...
I like the new record a lot but don't quite love it yet.

Riot V
Finally I got to see them live. I've been waiting for that since the release of Thundersteel back in '88. Too bad that they only got a 45 min show but they were blood amazing during those 45 mins. For the first time ever since Todd Michael Hall joined the band they played Destiny from Nightbreaker and Storming the Gates of Hell from Privilege of Power. We only got 3 songs from Thudnersteel but it didn't matter. I was happy as a little child on christmas just to see them perform on stage in front of me. Todd blew all the other singers far away.
Have to agree about TMH live. He was amazing when I saw Riot V late last year.

Crystal Viper
The are good. No doubt about that but all the songs sound more or less the same so you get a bit bored after a while...
Yea I don't really like this band too much but they're ok.

Brothers Of Metal
Third time for me to see them live and they were as expected great this time too. They had all kinds of trouble with the instruments and other gear but they got through that like the pros they are and delivered a fun show like they always do. The revealed the album cover for their forthcoming album as the backdrop a couple of songs into the set and we got song from it, can't remember the name of it, presented as a song that had only been played once before by a band that didn't do it well - us!
Must be so much fun to see live. Maybe I can catch if they get on a support tour here one day.

Alestorm are Alestorm and I can't help but really like them. The beginning of the show was so/so but when they played 1741 (The Battle of Cartagena) every piece fell to place and from there on it was a great show. I just love that song btw. Can't get it out of your head once you've heard it.
Very tired of Alestorm. Still have catchy tunes but the messing about when i last saw the was beyond stupid and I wasn't drunk enough.

Soundproblems couldn't stop Bloodbound from making a great show this night in Falun. I love their kind of power metal with lyrics about Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings apart from the dragons.
In Nosferatu they have one of the best power metal songs ever written.
Seen a couple of times I believe. Very good indeed. Patrick is a great front man.

In the middle of the show heaven opened up and it started to rain A LOT! Naturally a lot of people went away to seek shelter but the band played on like nothing happened and put on a good show as expected. I've seen U.D.O. a lot of times and he is a real pro and never delivers a bad show.
Seen UDO 3 or 4 times too. Very fun indeed and I never classed myself a fan of his voice really but live it's very energetic and great.

Frozen Crown
The did good. Nothing more, nothing less.
Quite like the latest album with less growls.

Attick Demons
I guess they have heard a band called Iron Maiden. Good show.
I remember the maiden worshippers.

Visions Of Atlantis
The surprise of the festival for me. I've written them off as a Nightwish clone band but they were REALLY good here. I'll have to check them out some more. Their new album is released in a couple of weeks and based on the songs they played from it it will be a good one.
Can't wait for this album as I love Clementine's voice. She's really something.

This was the 3rd time I saw them this year. I've seen them better and worse. This was more or less a day at the office for them
Maybe it would be good if they get Messiah on to sing just a couple of songs.

Here are the winners of this years Sabaton Open Air. They drew a huge crowd and everyone was smiling and sining along throught the entire show. I just love this band and who can resist songs like Angus MacFife, Hootforce and Gloryhammer.
Seeing soon in a couple of months. Seen them every time they've played here. Hilariously cheesy and but amazingly catchy.

I have seen them better but they never deliver a bad show. We got a lot of new songs like Bismarck, 82nd all the Way, Fields of Verdun, The Red Baron and the live premiere of The Attack of the Dead Men. Aprt from that there were no surprises this year.
Well we're not due another dose of the Sababoys till next year but it'll be worth it won't it. I wanna see how teh new songs play out live. Also I know this is a long shot but is there any remote possibility or chance not to play Ghost Division as opener?? Pretty please!

After Sabaton I was soaking wet and cold and miserable so I bailed out on Elvenking. I would really have liked to see them but I didn't bother.
Don't blame you..Elvenking not really all that.

Good Night!
Thanks for the report as usual. You guys in Sweden just have the best fests for melodic metal fans.


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