Re: Todd La Torre - Bloody hell!

Date:2019-08-16 18:26:43
Edited:2019-08-16 18:30:10
In Reply To:Re: Todd La Torre - Bloody hell! by Grappler666
Phone recordings are always a bit iffy but these are from the gig I saw. He sounds ace to me. Plus being there live and actually hearing with my own ears is a whole different ball game. Maybe for you he's not great but he sounded ace to me and a bit surprisingly good. The thing I notice about him and I like him even more for is that he sings the songs a with a little more bite and attack than GT.

Edit: One more thing I wanted to add. The sound mix is just superb at that venue. I guess Queensryche bring their own sound guy to get the levels perfect. I always like the vocals very high in the mix and at some venues they get buried behind a wall of bass and drums.

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