Re: Todd La Torre - Bloody hell!

Date:2019-08-16 15:50:00
Edited:2019-08-16 15:50:42
In Reply To:Todd La Torre - Bloody hell! by Pirage
I saw him in 2013 and he was absolutely on fire and sounded fantastic. But recently, it seems like he's losing a lot of his technique and relying more on screaming - see the links below to compare. Reportedly, he also continued to smoke a ton after joining QR and I think that really shows. He's not actually singing Queen of the Reich as cleanly as he used to.

The band used to play 2 hour sets regularly, but once he joined, they play no longer than 90 minutes, even when headlining their own shows. It's usually about 75-85 minutes now, which is really sad. I think that's about all Todd can handle when it comes to singing live and it hamstrings the band.

June 8, 2012 - - Queen of the Reich at the Rising West show. His vocals are incredibly clean and high.

Aug. 11, 2019 - - Queen of the Reich. Opening scream and the choruses aren't good at all. He's no longer singing the opening and choruses cleanly, but just trying to scream his way through them.
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