Yeah, they are fantastic

Date:2019-08-14 04:16:05
In Reply To:Ouroboros by Sander
When the debut came out I was posting about it at every music forum I frequented, sharing videos on Facebook, and doing everything I could to get their name out there. Then when the Aussie government's council of the arts gave them $20k in recognition of their musical ability(even going so far as to shoot down people complaining about a death metal band getting that award) I was amazed, then the second album hit and was also killer. Sadly, there hasn't really been any news from them since then. Since 2017 the only post they've made on their Facebook page is a live clip from 2013, their last Twitter post was in 2016, there's been no updates on their homepage or Bandcamp page since 2017, etc, so these 2 albums may be all we get from them.
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