Here's what I mean:

Date:2019-07-08 21:18:25
In Reply To:Re: Steel Panther's first single for the new album: by Nosferatwo
Let's look at "Gold Digging Whore":

She's gonna suck all the money from your bank account
Then she'll fuck all your friends
She'll do a gang bang with your friends, yeah
She's a gold-digging whore
Where is the joke? Calling someone a whore isn't a joke, it's a sexist insult. Not funny. Let's continue:

G-O-L-D-D-I-G-G-I-N-G-W-H-O-R-E (I love you baby)
Everybody knows she's a gold-digging whore
She's a gold-digging whore
She's a cum birther, sperm dripping, yellow belly, money grabbing
Milking your wallet sore
Again, what is the joke here? Is it that she swallows?

She's a gold-digger
Only ninety eight percent of us thinks she wants us
She's a gold-digging whore just like your mum
She's a gold-digging whore
Let me hear you retards spell it out
Now for mom insults, and calling people retards. Classy.

But again, please point out where there's an honest-to-goodness joke in this song. It's pure slut-shaming misogyny they get away with by claiming its satire. But who are they satirizing?

This is why I think Steel Panther are garbage. They put on stupid outfits, and they tease their hair, so we wind up not taking them seriously, even though there isn't any indication of humor in a song like this.
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