Re: Steel Panther's first single for the new album:

Date:2019-07-08 19:28:47
In Reply To:Re: Steel Panther's first single for the new album: by Guillaume
I think they're often hilarious
They're dumb, frat boy humor that still thinks dick jokes are amazing. They wrote "Fat Girl (Thar She Blows)". Oh wow, they're alluding to someone overwheight being a whale. Genius!

And the rest of their schtick, from "Gold Digging Whore", to "Bukkake Tears", to "You're Beautiful When You Don't Talk", all comes from the perspective that misogyny is funny, because there's next to no satire in there subverting things by making it clear the men are the ones to be laughed at.

They're now on their fifth album of making the exact same jokes. At least Weird Al has some diversity to his comedy.
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