Re: New Tunes Friday starts with Eclipse!

Date:2019-07-05 16:47:57
Edited:2019-07-05 20:36:20
In Reply To:New Tunes Friday starts with Eclipse! by Nosferatwo

Sounds good. Actually, it sounds more like Nordic Union, so I'm liking it quite a bit on first listen. Eric doesn't sound quite so squeaky clean this time. Looking forward to the album.
On first listen I was like ok and the acoustic start threw me. It's a nice track I'm thinking but I need more woooow factor. Lacks a little balls for a lead single.. 2nd listen I was like yeah this chorus sticks like glue but needs a little more oomph...3rd listen I was..."We stand Uniiiiiited! Together rise and fall, coz it's all for one, one for alllll!" Only thing lacking was a tastier Magnus solo. Needed it badly. Still excited..heavily for the rest. I'm sure the next single will be a ball buster...

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