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Date:2019-07-03 17:19:18
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Helker - Metamorphosis - 7/10
Pretty good from Diego and crew. Not amazing but decent overall.
It's more Diego-less and crew. New guy is quite similar and good, but no Diego for sure. Album is the weakest of the last 3 but indeed very decent.

Majesty - Legends - 7/10
Slightly cringy and extremely cheesy but I still like Majesty even though I have to grit my teeth a little more than usual. Some songs make the ride worthwhile.
Agree with you.

Death Angel - Humanicide - 7.5/10
Solid as hell, groovy and crunchy thrash. Gets a bit slow and mundane here and there which dampens my enthusiasm. I don't do slow and meander but when it rips it really rips.
I like the slower songs, as you could have guessed. Good album.

Timo Tolkki's Avalon - Return to Eden - 7.5/10
Fairly impressed with this comeback. One of the singers really annoys with his delivery.
I didn't even play this one. Just heard a couple singles. Which singer bothers you?

Sweet Oblivion - Sweet Oblivion - 8/10
Best thing to have Geoff's voice on it in 25 years and more. Geoff sounds good and Simone is doing a marvellous job on everything else. It's not mind blowing but what more can we expect from Geoff after making boring music for a full 25 years.
Solid indeed. But read my post about Tate's dick behavior towards Simone... Tate wanted to butcher this album!!

Merging Flare - Revolt Regime - 8.5/10
This month's biggest surprise is MF. I just love this album. Epic choruses all over the shop and lots of quite differing influences but always very memorable. Production could have been a touch cleaner to send it to the stratosphere.
Quite good indeed.

Teramaze - Are We Soldiers - 8.5/10
Their most melodic album but some of the frentic prog edge is taken off and replaced with smoothness. It's a compromise that will lose them some fans but probably gain quite a few too. I'm happy either way as I don't need ultra heavy all the time. Very solid effort and lots to discover in this music the more you play it.
Disappointed by this cause I found the previous one so great and melodic. This one is surely not bad, but far to be as great as Her Halo, their only album that really grabbed me. Same can be said about the new/old singer.

XentriX - Bury the Pain - 8.5/10
The ultimate surprise thrash come back from English underground heroes. There's some serious bad assery going on in the riffs here. Strongly resembling classic Testament in every which way. That crunch is seriously tasty! Welcome back Xentrix!
Need to check this out.

Diviner - Realms of Time - 9/10
Greek brothers of power metal return with the follow up to the mighty impressive debut. I'm giving this a 9 and would you believe I'm actually slightly disappointed as it's not really better than the debut. The sound is a bit meatier but maybe some of the songs had a little more appeal on the debut goddamn this is mighty as hell anyway. 100% heavy power metal fist!
I like this one but think the 1st one is much better. Maybe my mind will change with more listens.

Nightqueen - Seduction - 9.25/10
I keep saying albums surprise me but I guess this one really HAS surprised me. This came out of the blue and gave me a great wack right in the chops. I'm in awe of this lady's vocals! Move over Noora...there's a new Nightqueen in da house! This gal can sing and then some and her band ain't no slouches either. They pen some shit hot memorable tunes for her to sing. Addicted to playing this! maybe 10 times this month...and yet it's not my AOTM..
Quite good, as is the singer, but come on, she's no Noora!

I like these ones to various degrees:
25. Gathering Of Kings - First Mission
23. Myrath - Shehili

22. Teramaze - Are We Soldiers

21. M.I.GOD. - Specters On Parade

20. Grand Magus - Wolf God

19. Silver Bullet - Mooncult

18. Anthem - Nucleus
12. Merging Flare - Revolt Regime

10. Iron Savior - Kill or Get Killed

09. Diviner - Realms of Time

08. Savage Messiah - Demons

07. Battle Beast - No More Hollywood Endings

06. Flotsam and Jetsam - The End of Chaos

05. Nightqueen - Seduction

03. Avantasia - Moonglow

02. Darkwater - Human
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