Re: June Review and half year report...

Author:The Surfing Alien
Date:2019-07-03 02:50:01
In Reply To:June Review and half year report... by Pirage
Progressor - Doppelganger - 6.5/10
Interesting but slightly weird Russian power.
that was pretty good actually
Death Angel - Humanicide - 7.5/10
Solid as hell, groovy and crunchy thrash. Gets a bit slow and mundane here and there which dampens my enthusiasm. I don't do slow and meander but when it rips it really rips.
what I heard sounded solid, but I still think 80s 90s albums are on another level.
Teramaze - Are We Soldiers - 8.5/10
Their most melodic album but some of the frentic prog edge is taken off and replaced with smoothness. It's a compromise that will lose them some fans but probably gain quite a few too. I'm happy either way as I don't need ultra heavy all the time. Very solid effort and lots to discover in this music the more you play it.
I really liked this one. The previous singer was more of a standout but music is still pretty nice.
XentriX - Bury the Pain - 8.5/10
The ultimate surprise thrash come back from English underground heroes. There's some serious bad assery going on in the riffs here. Strongly resembling classic Testament in every which way. That crunch is seriously tasty! Welcome back Xentrix!
Nice! Staying old school

Diviner - Realms of Time - 9/10
Greek brothers of power metal return with the follow up to the mighty impressive debut. I'm giving this a 9 and would you believe I'm actually slightly disappointed as it's not really better than the debut. The sound is a bit meatier but maybe some of the songs had a little more appeal on the debut goddamn this is mighty as hell anyway. 100% heavy power metal fist!
This is pretty good. I isn’t quite find it as amazing as everyone else though.

Nightqueen - Seduction - 9.25/10
I keep saying albums surprise me but I guess this one really HAS surprised me. This came out of the blue and gave me a great wack right in the chops. I'm in awe of this lady's vocals! Move over Noora...there's a new Nightqueen in da house! This gal can sing and then some and her band ain't no slouches either. They pen some shit hot memorable tunes for her to sing. Addicted to playing this! maybe 10 times this month...and yet it's not my AOTM..
Sorry, I don’t think this is that great, especially the singer.
Majestica - Above the Sky - 9.75/10
I should really be giving out the max but I dunno I guess I'm holding that out from my brother Erik later on in the year. But Tommy and co have returned with an absolutely stellar release and my current number one AOTY contender pushing Darkwater out of the top spot even though they both have the same rate of 9.75/10. Sure the album won't be for everyone but what can I say I just love this. Melodies so pure and true that give a great feeling to the listener. Tommy is the absolute king of those. Hail to Majestica for capturing the hearts of the fans of pure and epic melody. I was waiting for Tommy to start up ReinXeed again but to think that he had this up his sleeve is amazing.
Very high quality stuff here!

Nice summary. Always good to hear your favorites Pirage :)
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