Re: June Review and half year report...

Date:2019-06-29 12:54:58
In Reply To:June Review and half year report... by Pirage
Janet Gardner - Your Place in the Sun 5/10
Her voice is not good
I only heard the one single, but that's the truth. She sounded really rough, so I wanted no part of even more of it.
The Lord Weird Slough Feg - New Organon - 6.5/10
Weird or not, it's not even a good Slough Feg album.

Timo Tolkki's Avalon - Return to Eden - 7.5/10
One of the singers really annoys with his delivery.
Which one? I didn't think he got a great cast of singers for this one, regardless of the quality of the music.
he album.

Sweet Oblivion - Sweet Oblivion - 8/10
Best thing to have Geoff's voice on it in 25 years
Since I don't like QR, I'll say best thing with him ever.
Nightqueen - Seduction - 9.25/10
I'm in awe of this lady's vocals! Move over Noora...there's a new Nightqueen in da house!
Really? I heard two tracks, and she sounded really strained and shouty. Not even close to being great. Noora has NOTHING to worry about.
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