New Majesty review...

Date:2019-06-27 13:08:27
Edited:2019-06-27 13:09:07
Only heard a couple singles but it looks like the new disc is a MAJOR shift in style...

MAJESTY will be releasing their new album ‘Legends’ tomorrow. Formed ’97 and with several albums under their belt, the were a renowned power metal act. I’d said ‘were‘, because ‘Legends’ is pure heavy-pop / melodic-hard, in the vein of the Scandinavian New Wave sound & style.

I always considered Majesty a very good band, however their brand or power metal wasn’t exactly my cup of tea. Now this has changed with ‘Legends’.
If you like the modern Scandi Hard Rock sound, huge in production, high in choruses, and plenty of poppy choruses, you better check out Majesty’s ‘Legends’.
Yes, there’s still some double drum pedal but used into the mix like a sequencer / rhtythm box.

Seriously, most the tracks on ‘Legends’ are danceable, even Eurovision-ready. Just listen to track four ‘We Are Legends’: this is pure pop with a ‘punchy wrapper’.
First time fans of the band will hate this album, others like me, eager for catchy melodies and sing-along choruses, are enjoying this very much.
Highly Recommended
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