Re: Best & Worst Of The Year, Halfway Through

Date:2019-06-18 20:30:37
In Reply To:Re: Best & Worst Of The Year, Halfway Through by Pirage
I guess this means the last 2 weeks of June ain't gonna help you out much
I've already got the two albums coming out at the end of the month I was interested in. Even if I didn't, or something else pops up, I don't think there's enough time between now and then to properly say anything new is good enough to be at the top of the list.
the band is admittedly very powerful when it comes to choruses but Tremonti is the king man.
Something about his voice hits me the wrong way. Myles gets on my nerves by the end of a long album too, but Mark's never appealed to me.
Yours Truly - Afterglow
I enjoy it but just an ep. Try to list albums.
I go back and forth on including EPs. At this point, I figure I might as well just put down what I'm liking the most. I wish EPs weren't becoming more popular, but you make do with what you're given.
Manowar - Final Battle I
but the execution is extremely poor
That's why it sucks. Weak-ass guitar tone, shitty vocals from Joey, and only one real song. It's a single masquerading as an EP.
My list for June and half year list will come in 2 weeks. June has been an amazing month so far. Including my AOTY contender..
My June wasn't that good, but there's some good stuff to be sure. I'll get to that in my monthly roundup.
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