Re: Best & Worst Of The Year, Halfway Through

Date:2019-06-18 14:33:06
In Reply To:Best & Worst Of The Year, Halfway Through by Nosferatwo
The Best:
Overkill-The Wings of War
Flotsam & Jetsam-The End of Chaos
Diamond Head-The Coffin Train
The Worst:

I've heard a lot of stuff that doesn't appeal to me, but most of it doesn't stand out as exceptionally bad, just bland. Like most of the Frontiers label, if I was hanging out with someone and they put it on, fine. I don't hate it. Probably hear some good vocals, competent playing. But I wouldn't hear anything that was memorable enough for me to recall it 10 minutes after it ended or to actively seek it out. OTOH, Three Tremors was fucking trash.
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