Best & Worst Of The Year, Halfway Through

Date:2019-06-18 13:03:53
I don't know if it's just because the weather here has yet to reach summer, but the first half of this year has gone by awfully fast. That means it's time for us to recap these six months. So, here's my five best and worst so far, in alphabetical order:

The Best:

Any Given Day - Overpower (Sorry, but this is better Tremonti than Tremonti. If only the growls were gone.)
Forever Still - Breathe In Colours (I find their music dark, beautiful, and awesome.)
Soen - Lotus (They've managed to top "Lykaia", which I didn't think they could.)
Vanishing Signs - Vanishing Signs (Mostly for the vocals, but I've listened to it a lot.)
Yours Truly - Afterglow [EP] (They need to put out an album! Ridiculously fun.)

Just missing out are Avantasia and Within Temptation.

The Worst:

Arch/Matheos - Winter Ethereal (I've listened to all the Arch I ever need to.)
Devin Townsend - Empath (A bloated, unfocused mess.)
Manowar - Final Battle I (A complete joke that insults the fans.)
The Three Tremors - S/T (The latest example of Ripper's terrible career choices.)
Neal Morse - Jesus Christ: The Exorcist (Two hours of Jesus obsessed dad-rock? Torture.)
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