Date:2019-06-16 17:42:44
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The Surfing Alien proclaimed:

referring to the gig as a "rehearsal.", nah, kid, we paid, it's a show:)
I thought that was bogus too, especially when he kept repeating it.
Yup, they kept repeating it at Dingbatz, haha. That was pretty annoying.

There were a few super fans. One guy brought a bunch of stuff to sign including a vinyl.
There was a guy at the Warrior Soul show who brought multiple format of every record, including the solo stuff. There must have been at least thirty - thirty five items. Kory signed everything without a second word.
Vicious Rumors, Dingbatz, NJ - maybe 12 people
Wow, that’s bad. I didn’t go to the Queens show. They were great at Webster Hall a few years ago, but I understand it’s a different singer now.
Singer's fine, young guy. The Queens show was cancelled, possibly "due to lack of appetizing funds".
Warrior Soul, Debonair, NJ - maybe 15 people
Saw them a few years ago , singer literally had no voice, just a horrifying screech, nothing like the albums. Did it get any better?
I don't think so:) He loves destruction:) It didn't matter, he had good energy. As long as he's rowdy and firing on most cylinders, I'm satisfied. Last time I saw him perform they were opening the CMJ show for Skid Row at the Limelight, playing to maybe 1500 people, he sounded the same then:)
Church of Misery, St. Vitus, Brooklyn - maybe 200+ people...
Don’t know who this is. Sounds more extreme. I guess that draws a better crowd these days.
Yeah, it's Japanese bell-bottoms doom. Total Sabbath ripoff down to the logo, but the lyrics are exclusively about serial killers (ala Macabre.) Bass player hangs his Rickenbacker so low, he has to play left hand on the fretboard 8|
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