Re: New Tunes Sunday

Date:2019-06-16 17:33:47
In Reply To:Re: New Tunes Sunday by Nosferatwo
The Night Flight Orchestra - Satellite
It's still too 80s.
That's the whole point right? I mean that's why TNFO exists. To recreate the 80s yacht rock scene.

And am I the only one who thinks Speed wants to flip the script, and have this be his main gig? Between the rate they're making records, and influences of this creeping into the new Soilwork, I think I know where his heart is.
Not sure about that. I think Soilwork is far far bigger at the moment. Extreme vocal styles will always be more popular than namby pamby melodic singing according to the metal following youngsters today. They probably make far more money from Soilwork tours than TNFO tours but maybe you're right his heart is now in melodic music maybe and the screaming is getting old. But I guess they still have to do that to be able to do this if you see what I mean. When I saw them live what got me is how much fun they seem to have playing these songs. It doesn't seem a chore to be there lol.

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