Re: New Tunes Sunday

Date:2019-06-16 10:40:08
In Reply To:New Tunes Friday (A bit early): by Nosferatwo
JD Miller - The Desire

Nice tune. Good melody. Album out later this year.

The Night Flight Orchestra - Satellite
Just a one off single, no album soon but probably early 2020.
A great track this as usual. What a knack for catchy melodies Speed Strid has or whever writes the vocal melodies.

Block Buster - Losing Gravity
New band on Frontiers playing slightly sleaxy rock. Little bit of Shiraz Lane vibe but singer slightly the weak link but for sleaze it's ok. Some decent guitar chops. Nice little nod to Another one bites the dust in the middle. Not bad I'll listen to whole thing for sure.

Mark Baker - 2 song preview
Yeah like Mark who? The guy was behind Signal's classic AOR album Loud & Clear and he also wrote with House Of Lords in their early days. He's coming back with this album of songs he's had over the years. 80s AOR fans will lap this up with a big spoon It sounds SO 80s with slick guitars and film soundtrack styled songs.

Art Nation - Fallen Worlds
These guys have changed. Going for this modern style with a poppy voice. It's still pretty cool though but you have to get used to the slight change in look and style.

Teramaze - From Saviour to Assassin
The thrash edge in this band seems history. The song is still really good though. However this new singer is not as good as the old one from memory. His voice is ok but a little thinner, but I really like the song if that makes sense lol. Thrash is out and melodic metal is in and the solo section is just superb.

Memories of Old - Zeras Shadow
Epic melodic power metal song. Lot of great melodies. Sounds like Tommy is not singing this one.

Happy Sunday! (even though the weather ain't great...!)

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