Author:The Surfing Alien
Date:2019-06-15 21:56:17
In Reply To:Re: by von
My favorites by a looong shot are the first EP and "Screaming Symphony"
I like Screaming Symphony too but it has more of modern sound to its rhythm guitars. Answer has a more traditional sound and better songs IMO.
referring to
the gig as a "rehearsal.", nah, kid, we paid, it's a show:)
I thought that was bogus too, especially when he kept repeating it.

How well attended was the Queens show? We had maybe 20 people at Dingbatz, maybe less.
About the same. Out of those who knows how many were bands members of opening bands. Maybe he should reconsider his stance on having similar sounding local bands as openers, to fill out the space if nothing else.
There were a few super fans. One guy brought a bunch of stuff to sign including a vinyl. There was a Stryper show the same day. I don’t know if that cut into possible attendance? Maybe Impelliteri should’ve persuaded Stryper to open for him :)
Vicious Rumors, Dingbatz, NJ - maybe 12 people
Wow, that’s bad. I didn’t go to the Queens show. They were great at Webster Hall a few years ago, but I understand it’s a different singer now. Still bummed about Leatherwolf pulling out of that tour.
Warrior Soul, Debonair, NJ - maybe 15 people
Saw them a few years ago , singer literally had no voice, just a horrifying screech, nothing like the albums. Did it get any better?
Church of Misery, St. Vitus, Brooklyn - maybe 200+ people...
Don’t know who this is. Sounds more extreme. I guess that draws a better crowd these days.
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