Date:2019-06-15 21:21:14
Edited:2019-06-15 21:22:21
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How well attended was the Queens show? We had maybe 20 people at Dingbatz, maybe less.

Incidentally, food for though over some recent attendance numbers I observed:

Vicious Rumors, Dingbatz, NJ - maybe 12 people
Warrior Soul, Debonair, NJ - maybe 15 people
Church of Misery, St. Vitus, Brooklyn - maybe 200+ people...
Damn... Where are the metal fans? Some numbers for Quebec City:

ULI JON ROTH (April) - maybe 40-50 max
VICIOUS RUMORS (May)- maybe 20-25
CLOVEN HOOF (May) - maybe 25
ANVIL (May) - maybe 125
These 4 were weekdays shows, Monday or Tuesday, doesn't help for sure. Anvil has a long history here, explains the good turnout. VR and CH were playing here for the 1st time ever.

BLAZE BAYLEY (May)- maybe 100-125
FLOTSAM & JETSAM (May) -maybe 75 max
Both were Saturday shows. Blaze comes every year since 3-4 years.

Looks like Vicious Rumors played to empty venues for many nights on that tour. A real shame as the show was killer. Same for Cloven Hoof.
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