Author:The Surfing Alien
Date:2019-06-14 17:52:26
Edited:2019-06-14 17:54:10
In Reply To:Re: by von
He even played the "Rat Race" riff for me:) He wasn't completely on the money with solos, but great on rhythm, and his leads were still shredding. Rock sang' he was good, too. They seem to love 'Murica and Trump :-D Too many fucking covers, though.
Agreed about the covers. way too many. Nice setlist overall . A lot of Answer to the Master tracks. Their best album IMO. Thanks for posting the setlist btw ! I studied it carefully before going hehe. Would've been nice to get Rat Race
Got Impelliteri to sign my ticket LOL. Wasnt going to but he was signing other people's stuff, so I thought why not.
A local band Psychoprism got kicked off several of these warm up shows after Impelitteri listened to them and decided they sound too much like him LOL, "shred with high vocals". Instead we got strange Brazilian chicks covering Led Zeppelin haha. the Progpower board is all abuzz about this episode. Apparently they've been trying to get him there for years but he won't settle for anything less than a headline spot :)
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