Re: Sweden Rock Festival 2019 Day 3

Date:2019-06-10 19:09:32
In Reply To:Sweden Rock Festival 2019 Day 3 by The Tall Dwarf
A bit late due to me being at a certain festival but here is the summary of day 3.

The forecast was rain but it turned out to be yet another sunny and warm day. I have hard to remember what bands I did see that day. Might have something to do with the amount of beer and me sleeping late on the 4th day...
You escaped the rain again? It must be coming for day 4...

The Night Flight Orchestra
They were fantastic and drew a huge crowd even though they got on stage early. 12.15 to be exact. I really like this band and they were great live.
Just love this band. Speed Strid's vocals lose some of their sheen in the live setting. He strains a little more. But still the band sounds amazing live. Love the flight attendant backing singers too.

Axel Rudi Pell
First time seeing them and I got what I had expect. A band with a fantastic singer playing a bunch of great songs. Axel doesn't leave his spot on the right from the drums one single time in the show. I guess it's a safe spot there... I was hoping for some of the longer mid tempo songs and not just short fast ones. We got Eternal Prisoner and Mystica so I got what I wanted.
Seen ARP once many years ago now. It was really good.

2nd time seeing them this year already and they always deliver. I'm really that much into doom but Candlemass is great. Sometime they have speed enough for running past a power metal band.
Seen Candlemass once a long time ago when Rob Lowe was in the band. I don't like the current 'mass style. Prefer Lowe and Messiah.

Jag Panzer
First time ever for Jag Panzer in Sweden and they had a really small crowd when they took to the stage. The crowd grew though throughout the show and the in the end it really was ok. They sounded great and played songs like Iron Eagle, Black, Shadow Thief, Chain of COmmand as well as a bunch of newer ones. I really enjoyed the show.
Saw them a few weeks ago playing to 150-200. Very good they were.

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