Sweden Rock Festival 2019 Day 4

Author:The Tall Dwarf
Date:2019-06-09 22:41:03
The time has come to summarize the last day of the years Sweden Rock Festival. A day that had Demons & Wizards and Myrath playing at the same time. Really weird decision from the festival to have those two play at the same time. WHen bands like Slayer and FM play at the same time it's understandable but this really isn't. I feel so bad for missing Myrath that apparently put on a fantastic show.

Already day 4. The time flies when you're back home at the festival. You wait and long for one year and then it's over in a blink of an eye. Oh well...I'm already looking forward to the 2020 festival.

Here's what I saw the last day.

Beast In Black
This was the 3rd time I saw them and they have delivered big time all three times. One of the most hyped bands before the festival and it was no surprise that they drew a huge crowd. They had problems with the sound in the first couple of songs, you could hardly hear the guitars but they got it better after a while. Blind and Frozen is a real great song that most people in the audience seemed to know because almost everyone was singing along to it.

Brothers Of Metal
Second time for me seeing them.The first time was on the smallest stage at Sabaton Open Air a couple of years ago. Now when they had a bigger stage they could put on a bigger show and man they did. I simply love this band and Ylva was the best vocalist of the festival. What a voice she's got. They have so much fun on stage that you just can't resist them. This was the first time I've seen a band line up the guitarplayers in the middle of a song and then have a guitar solo competition. I can't wait to see them again in August at Sabaton Open Air.

Demons & Wizards
It was amazing to finally get to see them together on a stage. The songs basically sound a lot like Iced Earth with Hansi K├╝rsch on vocals. Absolutely nothing wrong with that. With just an hour and 15 minutes playing time I wonder why they threw in 2 IE and BG songs in the set? Why not just play D&W songs? Anyways...it was a great show.

First time for Saxon on the main stage (they always play at the smaller stages) at Sweden Rock and they drew a massive crowd. Even Biff was shocked over how many people it was watching them. The band always deliver and are masters at writing great titletracks. This time they opened the show with Wheels of Steel, Strong Arm of the Law, Denim and Leather, Sacrifice, Battering Ram and Thunderbolt. Later in Crusader, Power and the Glory, Dogs of War and Solid Ball of Rock showed up as well. I just wish they had played Unleash the Beast too and Batallions of Steel is always great live so why did they not play it?

Hammerfall also drew a HUGE crowd and just like Biff Joacim was shocked over how huge the crowd was. We got the live premiere of We Make Sweden Rock and a Sacred Vow. Also they played A Hero's Return which was the first time for me seeing them play. The Dragon Lies Bleeding was there too so it was a great ghow as always from them

Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow
Last chance to see them and I mostly saw them just to have seen them. As predicted it was pretty dull with too long songs. Romero is a great singer but nah...it was pretty boring but fun to actually have seen "Rainbow" live.

I already miss the other 10 maniacs from the cottage we rent every year and look forward to next year. We are starting to get a bit old for this because it takes longer for every year to recover from this mayhem but we have so much fun that it's worth feeling like a sick dog for a week now.
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