Re: and on to Saturday for a new batch...

Date:2019-06-08 10:36:47
In Reply To:New Tunes Friday (throw whatever you find in the replies): by Nosferatwo
Memories of Old - The Land of Xia

Lol Tommy again. Although he couldn't make the vid. The song is fun as hell. Most of you bar graham/Joe-x are sure to hate it of course.

Chaos Magic - I'm Your Cancer
Not bad. Her accent is a bit prominent but she sings well and I think the video plays on her looks a bit much and you forget about her vocal shortcomings hehe. Nice modern feel. I'll give it a chance

Black Rain - Dying Breed
Cheesy glam metal. A bit raw. Not doing a bunch for me but I can imagine myself raising a beer at this at a gig anyway.

Soleil Moon - her For You
Frontiers project which I know zilch about. Too soft for you lot but I found this song very pleasant and lush.

Unruly Child - Living In Someone Else's Dream
A nice AOR track if a little weak in the guitar sound. Marcie Free sounds great though. Lovely chorus. Last album was very average but this is already much better.

Lion's Share - We Are What We Are
Just another ode to metal. Been done a million times but it's all good. let's have another ode to metal and how great it is hehe!

Crashdiet - Idiots
THese guys are in the mode of Hardcore Superstar rather than Crazy Lixx. Little bit more earthy edge and not so melodic. The vid is a parody of the 80s I guess. Nos sure to hate it lol! Anyway a fun stoopid song not to be taken that seriously but the riffs rock anyway.

Outlasted - All because of you
Cheesy melodic rock. Can imagine listening on a sunny day but not amazing.

Nitrate - You Want It You Got It
The same as previous song. Very average but I listen as back ground and it's ok.

Narnia - A Crack In the SKy
Hold on the God botherers are actually back?? August 1st this album comes out. I forget his name and can't be arsed to look it up but your man had Golden Resurrection with Tommy but I guess Tommy is way too busy now with Sabaton and his million other bands so we have Narnia again. Anyway the song kicks ass. Great friggin' tune. Hail Jesus! He returns Aug 1st!! (facepalm)

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