Re: Twilight Force - Night Of Winterlight

Date:2019-06-07 18:55:24
In Reply To:Twilight Force - Night Of Winterlight by Nosferatwo

Even more super-generic power metal, but this time the vocals are terrible. Big skip for me.
First of all I had no idea these guys were on the agenda with a new album. Second of all they've lost their singer. This is Alex Conti. I thought you thought he was decent on the Leone/Conti colab? He's singing more operatic here and going for a dramatic feel. The main problem with this is the thin production. Conti sounds pretty epic and ok to me and not terrible at all. The song is very melodious but as usual with Conti you can never make out his words if you don't read the lyrics. I like the track but I'm disappointed they lost their previous singer.

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