Re: Sweden Rock Festival 2019 Day 1

Date:2019-06-06 17:52:19
In Reply To:Sweden Rock Festival 2019 Day 1 by The Tall Dwarf
Time to keep you updated from Sweden Rock as I've done some years before. Day one is over, it's actually morning day two, and I feel that it got one or two drinks two many late last night...The weather was great by the way and still is so let's hope for no rain like it's predicted for Friday and Saturday.

But the show must go on so here goes.

The bands I saw was:
Never seen the Finns before so I was curious to hear this, at least here in Sweden, old cult band. I was pleasantly surprised since they were really good. The highlight was Turn the Cross Upside Down.
Saw them live here a couple days ago. Quite good, but with only the original drummer left, it's pretty much a tribute band all the way.

First time I saw Demon as well. They are a band I've never really listened to for some strange reason since they are very good. They put up a solid show in front of a huge audience. Most of the songs they played were from The Uninvited Guest
Would so love to see them live some day. It's highly unlikely though...

Gathering Of Kings
The first ever liveshow for this studio project was one of the projected highlights of the festival for a lot of people and they drew a HUGE crowd. All the singers, I think, from the album was there and they had two drummers, two keyboardplayers and three guitar players on stage. Chris Laney was like a rubberball and was everywhere on the stage. The singers all were fantastic and they played all the songs from the debut album and the new single Heaven on the Run. The rest of the bands will have to fight hard to better this.
I love the album, would love to see them live!

Joe Lynn Turner
He was supposed to play here last year but had to cancel for reasons we all know so he was invited back this year. It wasn't easy for him to take over after GoK but he had a pretty huge crowd that seemed to enjoy his set of Rainbow, Purple and Yngwie songs.
Never saw him live either, would love to. But would like to hear some songs from his solo albums and Sunstorm, not just covers from his old bands!

Death Angel
Death Angel is one of my favorite thrash bands and they didn't disappoint. Crystal clear sound with really heavy guitars and Mark Oseguda still delivers strong vocally. In front of a huge crowd they didn't disappoint me and even though they mostly played new songs.
I'd like to see them too.

Skid Row
Last band out was Skid Row. A band I haven't seen play live since 1991 so it was fun to see them again. ZP did a real good job so Seb Bach wasn't really that missed. All songs but one was from the first two albums and 18 & Life was without a doubt the highlight for most of the really huge audience.
Never saw them either. ZP is a fine singer, loved him on the last Tank.

Thanks for the report!

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