Just have to break the silence...so Sweet Oblivion

Date:2019-06-05 14:44:32
Couldn't bear the silence round here any more so I'm just posting an opinion re this new Tate vehicle. It's good defo. In fact it's probably the best thing Mr Tate has been involved with in 25 years! Mind you that ain't saying a lot since he hasn't been involved in any thing good as sole lead singer in that time at all has he. Not counting Avantasia of course since he's just a guest there.

This time he's the selling point and he doesn't shame himself at all. His voice still sounds very good. he's a bit hard to understand here and there but I don't sweat it like Nos does. I don't get frustrated to use his own words lol! Probably helps that GT probably had very little to do with the song writing too. DGM man Simone takes care of that and production and the guy does a sterling job. I'm not gushing about the release trust me but I start my rate at 7.5/10 and head upward if the songs grow on me. Good job all round...

Just started listening to Tolkki..hmmm..I'm quite impressed after 3 songs..

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