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Date:2019-05-29 16:33:22
In Reply To:May Round Up by Pirage
Stormhammer - Seven Seals - German power metal with rough and clean vox. Mostly cliched and boring in the end with a couple of good songs. 5/10
Didn't play yet. The "rough vox" probably woN't work with me...

Arch Matheos - Winter Ethereal - polarising opinion like no other this one. I like the music but can barely take Arch even in small doses. All the points here awarded for the great music. 6/10
I'm also not a great Arch fan, but this album is good, but in small dose indeed.

Circle of Witches - Natural Born Sinners - Baritone vocal fronted heavy metal. Decent but overall unlikely to gain favour with me. 6/10
Didn't play yet.

Restless Spirits - st - Project never quite hits top gear. I like some songs and plenty does little for me. 6/10
I like it quite a bit, much more than you as it seems.

Soto - Origami - In the end the album as a whole doesn't quite work out for me. It is his best under SOTO banner though. 6/10
Real good stuff for me, as were the previous two.

Blazon Stone - Hymns Of Triumph And Death - RW tribute act does a fair job of impersonating the Cap'n while he's missing overboard! 7/10
Really good and more RW than RW had been since 20 years.

Diamond Head - The Coffin Train - surprisingly good but not loving all of it. Solid enough nd I'll see them with Last In Line soon. 7/10
Really good indeed, as was the previous one.

Paladin - Ascension - shredding power metal with mixed vocals. Far too much rasping vox brings this way down but music is way OTT. Like Bodom but even more crazy at times. 7/10
Guess vox would kill it for me...

Riot City - Burn The Night - Screeching hioctane power/trad. Fun for a while! 7/10
Will try it.

Ruthless - Evil Within - Heavy hitting US metal. Ballsy but lacks big hooks still solid as a rock. 7/10
OK stuff.

Whitesnake - Flesh & Blood - Good solid comeback from Cov and crew. Cov's voice has seen better days but there's some jammin' riffs here. 7.5/10
Their best in a long while.

Amulet - The Inevitable War - London based trad metal crew. Very good indeed. High pitched trad metal with galloping true metal songs. Seen them live twice lately too and bought the CD from the guitarist to help them out. Good guys too. 8/10

Crazy Lixx - Forever Wild - Yes we are heading back to the 80s peeps. Just a continuation of the last album. Rollicking fun times with da Lixx.. 8/10
Never really paid attention to them but enjoyed this one.

Vanishing Signs - st - Very pleasantly surprised with this project of classic melodic metal/rock. Very good songs and vocals throughout. 8/10
Good, but I don't like it nearly as much as you and Nos

M.I.GOD. - Specters On Parade - Have to give thanks to Glen from Progpower USA for this one as I would've ignored it pretty much barring for stumbling on the thread in PMX Rising. I loved almost all of this. Very cleanly executed melodic prog metal class. 8.5/10
Real good surprise indeed.

Myrath - Shehili - Just more of the same goodness from the Tunisians. I love Oriental sounds in metal anyway so this is a big positive in this band. Good vocals as always. Just continuing on from the last album. 8.5/10
Guitars are heavier overall than the previous one, which is good news for me. Really unique band.

Savage Messiah - Demons. This album super is bad ass near enough all the way. The most melodic they've ever been, and dare I say it the heaviest and crunchiest too. Sure some of the out and out blazing thrash is history but for me it's better to be melodic and catchy and Dave Silver's crew sure are all that on this album. Everything is in precision mode and working like clockwork. Any metal fan from whatever styles would be able to get something out of this as it has appeal across the board pretty much. Great stuff. 9/10
Really enjoying this one too.

Diviner- Realms of Time - this will take up a great deal of my time no doubt.
3 singles sound great. Now if InnerWish would release a new album too...

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