Re: Nos' Record Roundup: May

Date:2019-05-28 16:25:41
In Reply To:Re: Nos' Record Roundup: May by Nosferatwo
What about his fanbase? They obviously aren't insulted. They like it actually.
And the 'fans' liked it when GG Allin took a shit onstage.
So tell me please how his singing insults people.
The same way "St Anger" was an insult with the trash can drums. Arch, like Lars then, isn't putting in the effort to make his performance as good as it could be. The insult comes from making people pay for a slurred performance, when he could have sang it clearly if he really wanted to.
I can usually think of other things in my life that deserve the energy to be angry about than this. It actually tells me just how triggered and fragile you are haha
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