Re: May Round Up

Date:2019-05-28 12:27:43
In Reply To:Re: May Round Up by Pirage
Sweet Oblivion obviously. Even with Geoff's mincing his words...
Diviner will be too metal for you. Leave that to the metalheads bro.
It's not that. I liked the singles, but the rest didn't do anything for me.
Majestica is for the melody freaks like me. You should like it a bit or at least some songs.
See, I didn't find it gloriously melodic. It's (intentionally) recycled second-wave power metal I've heard a hundred times before.
Tolkki probably made you hurl
He bored me, like he almost always does. Every time he pops up again, I keep wondering how the Allen/Lande album he made was good, since neither he nor Jorn is much of a songwriter.
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